Content Creates a Global Brand
Global Contents Marketing

Content marketing is less costly than outbound marketing, but is highly effective in terms of performance and cost, generating more than three times as many leads.
When you express your brands' message through content marketing, you can personalize your efforts to reach different audiences.
The more personalized your content is, the more likely your target audience will pay attention to it.

The types of content you can utilize for marketing should be diverse, high-quality, and localized. This includes all contents such as landing pages/websites/detail page creation (English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.), banner ads, social media content, video ads, newsletters, etc. All content is adapted to have a consistent voice and message for your brand.

Localization and Creation
of Product Detail Pages
We utilize our accumulated data and local talent to create consumer-friendly description pages that are relevant and relatable to the local market. From planning, shooting and production, we develop detailed localized content.
Video and Photography
for Your Product
Setoworks has its own 35-sq.ft studio and a skilled content creation team who produce high-quality global content, enhancing brand image and communication.
Global Landing Page
and Planning and Production
We design multilingual landing pages and websites for global expansion, emphasizing email marketing to attract customers with the assistance of our expatriate planners and designers.
International Brochures
Naming and Packaging
We can help you create multilingual brochures and packaging for international exhibitions and fairs. From planning, concept, design and production, based on trends and benchmarking in your country, we'll take care to help you break into your target regions.
Global Social Media Content and
Channel Creation
Setoworks plans and produces effective social media content material optimized for local cultures and markets through our overseas offices and country-specific project teams. Create a global fan base for your products and brands through global SNS marketing.
Global Influencer Marketing
KOL/KOC Content Creation
We locate and collaborate local influencers on social media who meet the same niche and targets for your brand, to develop flexible and effective marketing results based on your budget and objectives.