Build Your Audience with Specific Targeting
Global Digital Marketing

Global digital marketing is essential in the age of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
Make potential customers aware of your brand or product and then turn them into a loyal customer base by utilizing relevant and meaningful communication.

From our marketing experience of across hundreds of global projects, Setoworks conducts marketing that suits the nature of your product or project, from social media marketing to influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, and email marketing.

Global Digital Marketing Services
Social Media Marketing
A way to selectively reach specific audiences and communicate directly with customers and prospects. The targeted goals you set will determine the social media used.
Influencer Marketing
Use global influencers to endorse your products or services and engage with their followers to communicate your brand's message to potential customers.
SEO Marketing
A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy optimizes your landing or website content to appear at the top of search results and get the best results in terms of traffic and conversion rates.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is used to collect data on your target audience and understand their preferences. We use interactive and engaging contents to ensure receivers high engagment and click-rate.
Test Drive Marketing
Manage the reputation of your products and services with trial marketing, the fastest, most effective way to reach global consumers.
Display Ad Marketing
A marketing strategy that allows you to reach a wider audience by displaying your marketing ads on third-party sites.
Global Media Outreach
From global internet media to major newspapers and Times Square ads, Setoworks has the media buying services and knowledge for your brand to tap into.
Google GDN Ads
With access to 90% of the world's users, Google's GDN ads, which are mostly CPC, are key to digital marketing for global expansion.