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PRESS RELEASESetoworks Launches Spatial Marketing Brand ‘B.ring', Officially Debuts in Taiwan with SBA

6 Oct 2023

<Photo by Setoworks>

Setoworks, a global hybrid marketing company, actively reveals its capabilities as a marketing company that works with various clients with the launch of the spatial marketing brand 'B.ring'.

On the 6th, Setoworks announced the official launch of its spatial marketing brand 'B.ring' through official channels.

'B.ring' is a Setoworks pop-up store brand focused on product and brand experience marketing that can be converted into a store at any time, and made its debut last month as a K-beauty pop-up store in Tokyo, Japan, in collaboration with the SME Distribution Center.

In particular, Setoworks' unique crowdfunding and online marketing capabilities using influencers and offline business networks can be used to expose excellent domestic products and brands to various global regions.

In addition to creating a permanent space in Taiwan's Daan District, Setoworks will officially operate 'Bring' through the 'Trend Seoul' campaign in collaboration with the Seoul Business Agency (SBA). We plan to actively promote MZ Target's Seoul lifestyle marketing events based on various local online platforms, including Taiwan's largest crowdfunding platform, 'Zeczec'.

"We are launching Bring, a spatial marketing brand, as part of our hybrid marketing strategy that maximizes the synergy between online and offline marketing," said Junho Koo, Head of Strategic Marketing at Setoworks. "If we achieve consistent results, we will expand to Singapore and Malaysia in the near future."

Reporter Park Dong-sun