The Keys to Connecting with Global Buyers
International Trade Shows + Pop-ups

Unlike online shopping, where you have to rely solely on the information on your monitor to make a choice, offline shopping allows consumers to choose products and services through their first-hand experiences.
Especially for products that are new to the market, first-hand experience is important, which makes offline one of the most important sales strategies when expanding into global markets.

Setoworks provides services ranging from participating in major overseas exhibitions to operating pop-up stores for products and brands to directly reach global buyers and consumers.

No More Product Pitches - It's All About Follow-up Sales
International Trade Shows

One of the best ways to promote new products, new technologies, and new markets is to participate in international exhibitions.
Exhibitions allow you to meet many target consumers in a short period of time and identify local buyers.
It's also the fastest and most direct way to learn about local buyer and consumer reactions, which is critical for future distribution strategies.

Setoworks collaborates with local overseas branches to help organize and manage the entire process of participating in exhibitions, and after the exhibition is over, Setoworks conducts follow-up sales and consultations through local subsidiaries to ensure that it leads to substantial export results.

The Key to Global Branding,
Local Pop-up Stores

Pop-up stores are more than a fad, they're a popular way to market your brand or product offline.
It's not just about selling products; it's about experiencing products and creating brand experiences.
It's a great way to spread awareness of your product and brand values to a global audience.

Setoworks handles the entire process from planning to marketing to on-site operation through local branches, and has experience in operating pop-up stores for public institutions such as CJ E&M and SME distribution centers.