Global Hybrid Marketing Solution
Based on our experience and knowledge of the crowdfudning industry, Setoworks provides a one-stop global customized marketing service to help clients' products and brands in the optimal global market to enter, leap, and grow.
We provide various country-specific and channel-specific localized marketing services according to the characteristics of products and brands, and propose the most efficient global marketing solution from the first steps of global expansion to total global branding.
Global Crowdfunding
Global Pre-Order
Global B2C
Global B2B
Buyer Search
Contents Development
Digital Marketing
Global Exhibition
and Pop-ups (B.RING)
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Global Crowdfunding
Global Pre-order
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Global B2B Buyer Search
Global Contents Development
Global Exhibition and
Global Digital Marketing
Global Brand Marketing


Global Crowdfunding

We provide customized services to help clients' products, brands, and services successfully launch into the global market thanks to our overwhelming experience in crowdfunding performance (number of projects, cumulative funding amount, revenue, etc.) and database. Ranked No. 1 in Asia, Setoworks' unique one-stop global funding system helps clients seamlessly settle into local distribution after funding ends.


Global Pre-order

Based on our global crowdfunding experience, Setoworks provides pre-order services to help you enter the global market through market research, customer data acquisition, and low-cost sales.
We also provide customized pre-order services that consider all possibilities, such as overseas certification and other conditions.


Global Contents Marketing

Content marketing is a cost-effective, lead-generating strategy, in which personalized and localized content is used to engage your target audience.
Utilizing a variety of content types (landing pages, banner ads, social media content, video ads, newsletters, etc.) and maintaining a consistent message for effective reach in global markets. 


Global Digital Marketing

Setoworks provides global digital marketing strategies utilizing social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
Based on our diverse project experience, we use social media, influencer marketing, SEO, email marketing, and more to make potential customers aware of your brand and products and convert them into loyal customers. 


Global Commerce

Setoworks offers a wide range of experience and data-driven strategies for companies looking to enter the global commerce market.
We develop optimized entry strategies by considering commerce trends and consumer characteristics in each country and utilize global buyer data. Setoworks provides various global commerce services such as B2B, B2C, and D2C to help you succeed in the global market. 


Global Exhibition and Pop-ups

Setoworks emphasizes offline sales strategies and promotes direct consumer experience by participating in major overseas exhibitions and operating pop-up stores.
This increases communication and accessibility to global buyers and consumers, and is an important role in market entry. 


Export Voucher

Setoworks is a specialized trade company that is an offical fufillment partner of government-funded export voucher / innovation voucher programs and supports companies seeking business opportunities in the global e-commerce market.
We guide our clients through digital trade which is an important part of global market, which involves the exchange of information and products across borders through online mediums.